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What if your RHC Compliance was all wrapped up in one easy-to-use platform and you were supported by the nationally-recognized professionals from inQuiseek Consulting?

  • Customized RHC Policy Development
  • Policies that meet the Conditions of Certification
  • Expert help in identifying Evidence Documents
  • Built-in email reminders that make sure you never miss a deadline or expiration
  • Policy review tracked by RHC User
  • Up-to-date notifications about Hot Topics
  • Over 100 Library Items: templates, tools, samples, forms.
  • Additional consulting services available
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inQdocs is a cloud-based service that ensures perpetual compliance. Your RHC policies and evidence documents are maintained for total survey readiness 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is inQdocs just a policy and procedure manual?

No, inQdocs is much more than a policy and procedure manual. inQdocs is a perpetual compliance program for RHCs that is supported with professional consulting services and guidance. It is a subscription service.

When you say “compliance program” what does that mean?

RHCs are subject to 42 CFR 491 which are the federal regulations for the conditions of certification and to other federal, state and local laws. The core documents which create the Original RHC Playbook have been specifically written to ensure compliance with the federal guidelines for rural health clinics. Furthermore, we have identified the additional documents which are needed to evidence complete compliance. Areas of compliance can include adherence to laws, RHC program requirements, staff training, emergency preparedness, and other external governance. Most clinics need between 42-47 policies and up to 60 evidence documents depending on the state and type of RHC.

If my organization already has written policies and a compliance plan, aren’t those policies enough for my RHC?

RHC compliance is very specific to the conditions for certification and the accreditation standards. Regular medical office policies won’t include everything that is needed and neither will hospital policies. Many hospital compliance officers and quality directors are not familiar with the RHC rules especially if the clinic is a new development. Surveyors are looking for policies that are required for certification. Having the wrong policies or not having the required RHC policies can result in survey deficiencies.

How do inQdocs and the professionals at inQuiseek Consulting help keep my RHC in 24/7 Compliance?

We help keep you in perpetual compliance because we monitor federal regulatory changes and other sub-regulatory guidance and revise document content to keep policy language consistent with any changes. Also, we also teach you how to make sure that you don’t miss an expiration date in your evidence documents or a deadline for a task that must be performed at certain intervals. You will be emailed reminders anytime that a target date is approaching. By systematically managing compliance, you are less likely to have anything fall in the crack or get lost on your desk.

Who has access to inQdocs?

All of your RHC providers and staff have access to inQdocs. Administrators and other stakeholders may also be set up as users. Each user has a level of access which governs which evidence documents they can view. Each user has a unique log on with an encrypted password. Access is also 24/7 since the cloud-based platform can be viewed on desktops, laptops, tablets, iPhones or Androids devices. More detailed specifications are available for your IT department.

What can I expect to find in the inQdocs Library?

Our library includes over 100 documents which are free to download and edit for your own needs. Items include templates, tools, posters, notices, practice aids, reference guides and forms. We add items often to address the needs of our clients and respond to requests for help in creating needed documents.

How does my RHC join the inQdocs family of over 4,000 users?

  1. Request a Demo by using the form on this page or by calling 318-243-5974. No pitches, no obligation!
  2. Sign up for the desired level of inQdocs subscription service and consulting.
  3. Provide us with information about how your clinic is operated.
  4. Schedule training for the super users.
  5. Begin the Implementation process.
  6. Enjoy the assurance of 24/7 Compliance.

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